James Wright Design – aka droidonthemoon

We’re a design and development studio in Tokyo. We do lots of things here. We particularly love fabricating props, magic illusions, product design, space design, character design, pre and post-production. Graphic design and motion design aren’t below us, either. Whatever you need, we will find a way to help you see it through.

Realizing Design — Development and Fabrication

Getting right to the point. We like to make stuff. Lots of stuff. Rhino noses, for example. And branding. And commercials. And branding commercials with Rhino noses.

Should the occasion call for it. (It did for someone.)


We specialize in bringing things to life. Well, no, not literally. That’s like Dr. Frankenstein’s job and that didn’t work out so well for him. But we do things like take your ideas, lay them out practically, make ’em pretty and then put up for the world to see.

Stuff We’ve Made

Get Started!

Lets lay down some plans. You want your world changed, we want to change the world. Give us a call, send us a mail (use the contact form here) or stop by our office.