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  • Books and magazines of interest. Design, Typography, Illustration, Film and Magic are all in here.
  • I once read in CommArts that "Brands are like personalities." I'll admit some are rather boring and others are engaging, yes. Some are even manipulative, for sure. But over all, they do need to express the life of the company they represent. People are more ready to do business with a face they trust; if they cannot see your face, make sure they see and know your brand.
  • Everything is designed. Yes, everything. You don't believe me? Ask God. Whatever you or I didn't do, He did. And I guarantee His will out last ours. Either way, everything is designed, so here is a section where we talk about the design of everything! Very fun stuff.
  • Fans of film, we always have an opinion. There is a lot of stuff under this heading: movie reviews, upcoming features, favorite animations, kewl motion graphics, sword flying samurai and gun toting space cowboys.
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  • Graphic design is very kewl stuff. We tend to go toward a German Minimalist route, but there is a variety of everything in here.
  • No Description Here (What?! You expect us to explain? Magicians never reveal!)
  • Illustrations of our own and links to inspirations. Expect a wide variety.
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  • AAAAAARRGHHH! (and other deep thoughts)
  • We dig typography! Always something to learn, ways to grow, something fun to make. Personally, I'd only keep a stock of 5 or 6 good typefaces to work with, but Helvetica takes the first for me.
  • A smattering of our work.