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Daily Thingamabob

I’ve been asked by Anicom to do a daily doodle for the next year or so. I just started off handing them images of things I’ve been working on for them anyway, and then will start with sketches later on. I don’t think it’s up on the site as of yet, but should be soon. They will post it on their facebook page (which we are working on too) as well. I think that is a pretty good idea, so I may do the same.

Thievery and Copyright/Trademark Violation

There has been a lot of news in the branding design world of late about the DIY logo sites, particularly Logo Garden (google it, I’m not even giving them a link, the jerks.) The number of stolen images is absolutely staggering to be honest. Here is one simple example. You can just peruse the site and count how many you recognize from other corporations.

I checked out the link to the stolen Impala logo — Swift Sports — that too is fake. Falsified testimonial as well.

A brand is…

A brand is the interesting mix between the carefully crafted prejudice a company creates about themselves in the mind of the consumer and the, somewhat subconscious, image/feeling the consumer makes for themselves toward a company or product.
Now complete the sentence yourself:

Total Care

This is logo I did for a friend in Greensboro, NC. Still working on the branding and webpage. Will post more when we get it done!