Matte Painting!

Video Copilot Matte Painting

Dyson’s Desk Dysentigrator

Just fooling around with my friend’s Dyson Fan.

Total Care Realty Character

Total Care Character

Home, James

We have a new character for Total Care Realty. A helpful, friendly, somewhat British concierge/butler, James, seeks to find you the ideal home and present it on a silver platter. The new tag line, “Home, James” works well, especially in the North Carolina market, where TCR is located. Working on an animated commercial with the character and will post it as soon as we can!

Daily Thingamabob

I’ve been asked by Anicom to do a daily doodle for the next year or so. I just started off handing them images of things I’ve been working on for them anyway, and then will start with sketches later on. I don’t think it’s up on the site as of yet, but should be soon. They will post it on their facebook page (which we are working on too) as well. I think that is a pretty good idea, so I may do the same.