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NMW. The Incomparable Colin Levy:


I assigned one of my new designers with the task of redesigning the “&” ampersand. It had to be historical, readable and original. I think this is a good lesson in design as a whole, learning letterforms. He did a pretty good job, I gotta say, so I’m using it as part of a weekly design lecture I have at a company in Tokyo.

Thievery and Copyright/Trademark Violation

There has been a lot of news in the branding design world of late about the DIY logo sites, particularly Logo Garden (google it, I’m not even giving them a link, the jerks.) The number of stolen images is absolutely staggering to be honest. Here is one simple example. You can just peruse the site and count how many you recognize from other corporations.

I checked out the link to the stolen Impala logo — Swift Sports — that too is fake. Falsified testimonial as well.

A brand is…

A brand is the interesting mix between the carefully crafted prejudice a company creates about themselves in the mind of the consumer and the, somewhat subconscious, image/feeling the consumer makes for themselves toward a company or product.
Now complete the sentence yourself:

Design Iteration

A common problem with design iteration (evolution) is the absence of a defined endpoint – i.e. each iteration refines the design, but it also reveals additional opportunities for refinement, resulting in a design process that never ends. To avoid this, establish clear criteria defining the degree to which design requirements must be satisfied for the design to be considered complete.

-100 Principles of Design.