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Holy Callen, Batm… Superman!

DC Comic's Superman from 1950Kerry Callen is one of those kinda goofy illustrators whose work never lets you down. I found Callen’s site wondering around this interweb thingy and got sucked into an unproductive but fun several minutes looking all through the work. Some is fun, some is weird, all of it is good. (Check out the GhostRider cover…)
And man, what a great sense of humor! Seriously, this is good stuff.

There is also Les McClaine who, aside from drawing the best on-line comic EVER, gives tutorials on how to make your stuff look old and worthless

But back to Callen, I gotta say, I only know a handful of other illustrators who have the very subtle skills found on her site. Oh, I hate to see stuff go under-appreciated. Below is a comic she did based on a dream she had: funny stuff. Funny stuff indeed.

Normal Rockwell

Portrait of Norman Rockwell

An article on the BBC website about the “curious resurgence of Norman Rockwell’s artwork got me a little miffed. Artists critiqued Rockwell’s world as being unrealistic, idealic (didn’t know that was bad…) and lacking courage.

Medecins Sans Frontieres

Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) | This little bit, I am sorry to say I cannot really let anyone copy. If you do, you are a fiend.