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I assigned one of my new designers with the task of redesigning the “&” ampersand. It had to be historical, readable and original. I think this is a good lesson in design as a whole, learning letterforms. He did a pretty good job, I gotta say, so I’m using it as part of a weekly design lecture I have at a company in Tokyo.


Just something I’m working on. More later.

Design is…

“Design is one – it is not many different ones. The discipline of Design is one and can be applied to many different subjects, regardless of style. Design discipline is above and beyond any style. All style requires discipline in order to be expressed.
Very often people think that Design is a particular style. Nothing could be more wrong! Design is a discipline, a creative process with its own rules, controlling the consistency of its output toward its objective in the most direct and expressive way.” – Massimo Vignelli

Matte Painting!

Video Copilot Matte Painting